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LOOP is a project started from Daily UI Challenge. With the thought of not just being a Figma skill practice, I pushed a bit forward with competitive analysis.


Jan 2021 (around 2 weeks)


Daily UI Challenge, competitive analysis, wireframe, style guideline, prototype


Visual Designer, UI Designer

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This is my first time trying to create a Music App, I am quite curious about how other apps do their works. I checked App Annie (a Mobile data and analytics company) to figure out which app is most used in Taiwan's market. Then I will apply the must-have functions in my design.

Process of this project

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Competitive Analysis

The problem I want to solve in this stage is what should I include on the HOME page. The first step is to know what's out there in the market. Therefore, I go on the App Annie website to acquire music app analytics and data.

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  • Recommendations by user preference

  • Playlists

  • New Release

Key Takeaways

  • Personalization is the most important feature in all music apps.

  • To all the features be reached easier, the tab bar is the better way to list features.

  • Apart from must-haves, Charts could be useful for users.



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Style Guideline

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If I could do it again?

After finished this project in January, I have been through a UX/UI internship (Mar/April 2021) and working on Google UX Certificate Program from May 2021.


So, what I can do to improve this project?

Design Thinking & User-Centered Design

I learned about the Design Thinking process and UCD(User-Centered Design) in the first course of the Google UX Certificate Program. The first thing I realized is I only thought about Me and other companies' apps rather than the user's need. If I could do it again,

1.A Survey and Interviews could help me to know the user better.

2.use Persona and HMW (How might we) to put me in the user's shoes.

Explore different UI style

At that time, I was a newbie in UX/UI world. Without considering too much, I choose the dark theme as the music app style, cause all the competitors doing so. The style is just safe but didn't have an identical brand vibe. 

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