About Rachel Liao

I am a self-taught UX/UI designer and a freelance illustrator.  Currently, I am taking the Google UX Certificate Program for gaining more knowledge and practices about UX/UI.

I started my UX/UI journey by making my own website. I learned front-end language at first, but I realized I care more about how this website interacts with visitors and what is the effective way to display my works.

I learned from anything I can find online, Youtube, Medium, and Coursera. However, The more I know, the more I realized I don't know. luckily, I got my first UX/UI internship at Neux Tech, where I learned how to apply user-centric design to a real product and how to work in as a team member.


To me, UX/UI design can be very impactful in many ways to different users from different backgrounds. I wish I could be the person who brings a diversified perspective to the team and create a better design together!