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I met Care For Cook website redesign project while my internship at Neux Tech. It's my first web redesign and RWD work. This website provides a special meal service for cancer patients.


Mar 2021 (around 2 weeks)


Website Redesign, RWD, style guideline, prototype


Visual Designer, UI Designer

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Before I was assigned to this project, the UX team already had a redesigned logo and layout. All I need to do is make a new interface style and responsive web design.


How I Started

I began by asking "What is the feeling they want to deliver to the user?" It is a service designed for the patients, and they want the patients to feel being cared for. Therefore, a warm, homelike style would be a good choice. In addition, the new logo used warm rather than cool colors. I also apply a lot of radius in my design for a tender feeling.

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Style Guideline


Grid System




Instead of the click and hover movement, sliding will be a more natural movement for mobile phone users. Also, consider the smaller space, have to hide some information and graphic away.

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Lesson Learned

In fact, this design didn't get selected. However, I got a chance to attend a UI design critique meeting with the big boss and the design team. And I also learn a lot from this project.

Mobile First

I started from the web version, but I should always bear the mobile layout in mind. Nowadays, mobile phone is the main way people browsing the website. Mouse and finger have different movements. It's better to consider it when the time just starting design.

Spatial and Grid system

Spatial and grid systems are powerful tools to help designers build a cleaner layout. At first, I didn't apply this system to my design, and the element got messed. I also learned about a good grid system could help engineers build the website more efficiently. 

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